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Who we are

SharpZen is a company dedicated to provide excellent and personalized services in a number of technology and data science/analysis areas. We are a team of highly qualified professionals who are ready to tackle your technology and data analysis challenges.

Why choose us?

Because we deliver the best results in a responsible, personalized and cost-effective way.


We are great in the following types of services:

Software Development

Custom software development, from scratch or not, desktop or mobile, cloud or on-premise. Giving new life to old dated systems? We do that too!


Database design, programming, administration, tuning, and more. Tiny or big data, no problem. We know SQL Server, Oracle and MySql inside and out.

ETL and Automation

We love to automate things as much as possible. From getting raw data, cleansing, changing it, to delivering to the destination system.

Data Vizualization

Dashboards and drill-down interfaces to allow users to "grok" the business through the data lens. We specialize in QlikView and SQL Server.

Data Analytics

Find trends and foresee the future your data can tell you. Enjoy the power of being preemptive as well as looking at the rear-view mirror.

Social Media Analytics

Social media monitoring, social and consumer-centered analytics. To know what is being said about your brand and by whom is not an option anymore!



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